Why students are suffering from Depression?

Lots and lots of students now a days are suffering from depression and due to that they always remain in very unstable conditions. Most of the times don’t share their problems and situations which are facing.

There are various reasons by which they get disturbed. In this Article we will understand the reasons, consequences and the solutions to eradicate this depression word from every student’s life.

  1. Expectations are the biggest reason: – Sometimes expectations are good but in most of the cases parents starts expecting from the child a lot more than his capability. Parents stops understanding the truth that their child is not meant to be a great subjective learner maybe he/she have more interest in some other field (like dancing, singing or painting or may be interested in athletics). But parents forced them to choose the field of Engineering or Medical (because these are very prestigious degree) and after that the various institution and people (like School, Coaching and teacher) started pressurizing the student to mug up the whole syllabus and compete with the classmates to get a good rank and when the student failed to achieve this is the time when he started thinking a lot about his/her parents their expectations and this all leads to depression.
  2. Let them PLAY: – In these modern times parents are too busy in their work and also wants that their ward also does some work without making disturbance and these are the factors that create a variety of school known as Play Group. Parents make their child registration at the age of 2 or 2 and half years in these institutes where they are under guidance of a teacher who teach them some social and educational Activities. After one year they reach to nursery class and get a bag full of 5-6 books and copies. The shocking thing is parents demand more Homework’s so that their ward don’t get time to play. Even after that they are not satisfied. They hire a teacher to teach them at home.
  3. Activities are more important: – No one wants to understand that teaching the same fact what is already written in the book and pressurizing them to make copies as well as to learn the whole sort of thing is not a little valuable for them. The important thing is let them think of their own about what to study? How to make notes? We as a parents or teachers need to develop their mind in their own way don’t try to make them how you are? With books we also need various curricular activities or activity-based teaching which will enrich their brain and thinking capability.