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It’s not about how much time you are studying continuously, it’s all about how much active your brain is during that time.

From a research scientists found that only for 45 minutes (approx) we can focus our brain on any single topic after that it will start diverting and this is the right time to take break.

Don’t go for long hours continuously. Take a break of 5 minutes after 40 -50 minutes

In this modern world of technology we got attracted mostly towards every activities or every kind of work but the fact is doing a lot of work in a single timeframe is total disaster.

Learn everything but do it step by step. First do one or two work for years and when you reach to excel in that work start with another one.

So, don’t try to be master of everything at the same time

In the era of this technological world we see every second person is trying to mug up all the theories as well as vomit the same in the answer copy to be first to be first in class.

Education is not at all about mugging up try to experience those theories in nature and for sure this will be the easiest way to understand the theory in simplest way possible.

Key points to follow:-

  1. Take break of 5 minutes after every 40 minutes of study
  2. Don’t start learning everything at the same time do it step by step
  3. Leave mugging up the theories try to experience it in nature ( Experience the topics you study in your daily life)
  4. Start with those topics which you find bit tough (Challenges makes you more strong)
  5. Give yourself an aim every morning and achieve it before going to bed
  6. Lastly reward yourself with small things or activity.

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