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1. Learn to Earn by Peter Lynch : This is basic book for beginner who wants to enter into the world of Finance. This book will took you from the starting of Share Market where you will learn basic fundamentals of market. What is it? How it works?

2. One Up to Wall Street: Another masterpiece by Peter Lynch. The name of the book itself defines it’s one step ahead from Learn to Earn. Wall Street is term used for the place where America’s Stock Exchange is situated as similar in India the location is known as Dalal Street.

3. Romancing with Balance Sheet: Written by Anil Lamba. This book will make you comfortable in reading and Understanding balance sheet of any company. Like it’s name you also start Romancing with it.

4. Stock to riches by Parag Parikh: Another book for beginner to understand the stock Market of India and terms used here.

5. The Intelligent Investor by Benjamin Graham: You can say it as a holy book of learning Financial education or Stock Market. Written nearly 80 years earlier but till now person who want to take deep dive into stock market needs to read and understand it completely. It starts from basic and end by make you a advance player of stock market.

In bonus you can read Security Analysis as well.

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